City Stories

Street scenes

It’s amazing the kind of things you can observe in the span of a few blocks of this city if you’re paying attention.

A woman freaking out on a parking attendant, dialing on her phone and shouting at him “You touched my boob!” while he waved his hands, frantically denying the accusation.

A snippet of a conversation in passing, including “…when she gets out of jail.”

A dapper older gentleman, in full-on three-piece pinstripe suit, fedora with a flower in it and pencil mustache, sitting on a stool I can only presume he brings with him, hanging out on the sidewalk outside my office building every day, just watching the world go by. (only slightly creepy…)

The boy on the stoop on 30th savoring every single lick of the melting vanilla ice cream cone in his tiny little hands.

The homeless guy who sits on the same fence around the same tree on my block every night starting at about 9pm, always with some can of something in a brown bag.

A woman about four months pregnant sneaking a look at her reflection in the glass doors in the subway station, smiling to herself at the new bump in her profile.

Dogs. Dogs everywhere. Little dogs and big dogs and fluffy dogs and happy dogs and dogs in clothes and dogs with bows. Dogs out for their morning walks, their evening walks. Dogs in bags and sometimes even in rolling carts getting a ride home.

Windows. So many windows you notice when you take your nose out of your phone and look up instead of down. So many stories in those windows.