Downward-facing what now?

I have often thought about getting into yoga. Like I think about a lot of things that could be transformative to my life and my body and my outlook on the world. I think about them, think they sound nice, and then go have another cookie.

But you know, enjoyable as another cookie is, it’s also pretty boring after a while. Part of this move has been convincing myself to get out of my comfort zone, to try new things in the hopes of learning new things, getting to know my city better, maybe even meeting someone to have a cup of coffee with (platonic or…otherwise).

So the other day when poking around online for a good deal at Lifebooker, I started sifting through reviews for yoga studios. Which led to checking out their websites and discovering a lot more than weekly classes and comfy pants. Did you know that yoga is a whole…thing? There are studios that do potluck dinners (vegan, I’m sure), discussions and presentations – so much more than deep breaths and stretches. Who knew?!

In my clicking around, I found one studio in Chelsea with a good reputation and, most appealing to me, Beginner’s Yoga classes. And not just like, “beginner’s welcome!” More like, Yoga 101: everything you need to know to not look like a buffoon on the mat. It meets two nights a week for four weeks, and covers things like breathing and poses, but also diet/nutrition and meditation.

I’m not sure what I’m more excited about, to be honest – the idea of finally learning my way around a yoga mat or having a “class” to attend for a few weeks, nerd that I am. I’m betting I’ll enjoy both.

Are you a yoga kinda person? Any tips?