A Date with NYC

In just over a week, I head off for a long weekend in NYC. Returning just about a year after I moved away, it’s the first time I’ll be back to the Big Apple since then (with the exception of a whirlwind 24 hour trip for a film event late last summer).

I’ve stayed away until now for several reasons, not the least of which was because I really needed to make a clean break from the place in order to fully appreciate my new digs in Chicago. Budget was also a consideration – not much time for weekend getaways when I’m busy furnishing an apartment and what not.

And then Hamilton happened.

So, ticket in hand, I head out next week for two and a half days of bliss in the five boroughs. Well, two of them, at least. As you might imagine, I am already dreaming about how wonderful it will be.

img credit WEHEARTIT

I’m keeping my agenda pretty open while I’m there, and intentionally so. With such a short time in town, I didn’t want to be bogged down with days full of coffees and lunches and cocktails and dinners with friends (I love you, friends! I swear!). This trip, though I’m sure I’ll have a coffee and cocktail here and there, I want to give as much of my undivided attention as possible to the lady herself, the city that never sleeps and the thrumming streets and sights I fell in love with every day for two years (well, most days).

There’s so much I could do, I know I can’t possibly fit it all in. There’s the new Whitney (didn’t open until after I left). A mini-Hamilton tour (his grave, his house in Harlem, you get the idea…). The Cloisters and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (never did get to those two while I was there). And all my favorites, from my old bagel spot in Williamsburg to a long, long, long walk through Central Park to wandering The Met like no time at all’s gone by. I want to see if I can fit in yoga or Masala Bhangra, two classes that kept me active in an already busy city. I may even be able to fit in a second show if my schedule and TodayTix happen to get along. And oh, how I will eat. The afore-mentioned bagel, a NY slice (or two), ramen and Indian and French and I can only imagine what else.

I of course plan to tweet and Instagram the entire thing. Because if it’s not on social media, did it really happen? Follow along at #datewithNYC (and see if I get lucky in the end).