Peace out, Utah.

I’ve started packing.

It’s been nice having this down time, but you know what? It’s also pretty damn lonely. So over the last few days I’ve been slowly sorting through what few belongings I brought with me to Utah (and the little bit more I’ve acquired while I’ve been here) figuring out what I can ship home and what I’d want to take in the car for the drive back.

I’ve considered going further west to LA or SF, but without a solid lead on employment in either place (and having moved once before without anything but a whim to get me there) I’m just not interested. It might be an extra trip to go back to the midwest then out to the coast again should something promising turn up. But at this point, I’m OK with it.

I’m climbing the walls of my little basement apartment in the mountains, running out of movies to watch, books and magazines to read, restaurants to eat alone at. I can apply for jobs from Chicago as easily as Park City. And I can go visit my nephews while I do it, rather than just Skyping them.

I haven’t set a date yet – probably in the next week or so. I’ll take my time, head through Colorado to see friends then across the plains to that middle swath of the country I’m more familiar with, back by mid-month. Sure, it’s not exactly how I saw this part going – I figured I’d be heading off to the Next Big Thing.

And I’ll get to it, I’m sure. I’ll just do it from somewhere else. Spring is lovely in Chicago, after all.