For posterity’s sake

[I recently rediscovered my Tumblr, that mess of a social media channel that I all but abandoned in the last year. In revisiting it, I realized how kick-ass I am. That space is unmistakably ME. It’s this chaotic, beautiful mix of images, videos, quotes and blog posts that are all exactly what I would post again if you asked me to start today. I love every bit of it.

While several of the posts made me smile, I wanted to share this gem from 2011, a post I think of every year around this time. And since my little corner of the internet is here now, I thought it made sense to be sure it was preserved here, too. 

Oh, and though it may go without saying, the sentiment remains stronger than ever today.] 



A dear, wonderful mother who’s taught me that there’s only one person responsible for your destiny, and that it’s best to do the right thing, even when no one’s looking.

A cadre of aunts – by blood, by marriage, by decades of family friendship. A godmother; a cheerleader; a pillar of strength; a shopping buddy to name a few, sometimes all in one woman. All women who’ve known me my whole life and have loved me through the awkward, the stubborn, the insecure and the triumphant.

A grandmother who instilled in me a love for movies and a love for family; who told me I was beautiful; who is still with me, every single day.

A grandmother who never ran out of Saturday night movies, Sprite and popcorn; who taught me to pray; whose strength I am in awe of every single day.

A best friend since the day I turned sixteen who knows me better than I know myself; who travels miles (and sometimes across oceans) to see me; who reminds me of what I’m worth, what I deserve.

A first boss, a businesswoman with class and style who remains a role model over a decade later, her success and passion a constant inspiration.

A sister-in-law who’s made my big brother happier than I’ve ever seen him; who’s more clever, more confident than she realizes; who’s always a good sport, even when she doesn’t get the joke.

A baby sister who’s not really a baby anymore but will always be my girl, my spitfire, my Mamie, however old she gets.

And of course, the countless friends always up for a drink or a chat; the coworkers who’d listen to the stress, who’d celebrate the success; the sorority sisters who defined college and beyond; the roommates, the teachers, the childhood playmates; the screen sirens, the main characters, and the writers who shape their stories.

These are the women in my life, and today – as just a small token of my appreciation – I wish each of them a Happy Mother’s Day.