Walking in Place

I can’t deny that upon my return from India I slipped easily into “staycation” mode. You’ve been there: no work in the near future but you’re not going anywhere, either. So you sleep a little later, shower a little longer (if at all), eat a little messier and indulge a little more in all the niceties of having nothing much to do.

OK, maybe you haven’t been there, or at least not recently. It’s a wonderful change of pace as you might’ve guessed, but it can’t be a permanent state. Even a blank slate gets boring if it’s all you’re ever looking at.

I’ve been active in my job search, and I’ve been staying up on chores and the like (one’s bathroom gets surprisingly dusty and dingy after not using it for a month!), but in an effort to watch every penny I’m not really going out much at all – cooking at home, relying on Netflix for my entertainment.

Until today. I’m sorry, but one can only take so much of the couch, comfortable as it may be.

I did some research on the local fitness facilities (there are actually several options in PC!) and found an affordable rate for a month’s access to one nearby. A treadmill was calling my name, and I happily answered.

So that’s how I spent my morning – with daytime TV, back issues of Entertainment Weekly and a treadmill at a brisk walking pace. I’m not looking to turn into some gym rat – I never have and probably never will enjoy working out in the way some do. But walking four miles, raising my heart rate ever so much while I catch up on celebrity gossip and crime drama reruns is a whole different story, one I can fully endorse.

I’m still not setting any alarms to wake me, and my showers are anything but economical – one must have some simple pleasures while on staycation. But even while keeping things low-key, one’s got a desire to keep moving, if only in place.