Just This

An evening with the internet

I just (legally!) downloaded a handful of scripts to read. They’re not all still posted, but several great ones still up for the taking. I’ve been doing a lot of writing thinking about doing a lot of writing lately, particularly in script form. Blame all those filmmakers I know. But seriously, I have about a half-dozen premises tumbling about in my head, and I’m anxious to get them out in something more than a blurb of run-on sentences hacked out before the ideas drift away like that dream I thought I had last night. But then I remember that I’ve never written a script (well, that’s not entirely true. I haven’t written a script since that independent study in college…), so maybe I should brush up on what a successful, shoot-able script looks like before I start dreaming of being the next Diablo Cody.

I just watched a TED talk that might just trump Elizabeth Gilbert’s as my favorite of all time. Brene Brown just gut-punched me. For real. I wish I had the strength to live every day, every moment with the vulnerability of the whole hearted. I’m working on it.

I just supported The Last Bridge Master, a new film by a filmmaking duo I met years ago who continue to make compelling, important documentaries worth seeing. They’re brushing up against a deadline quickly, still needing to raise about $6,000. Please pitch in if you can – they’re worth it (and for $100, you can see your name in the credits!).

I just listened to the theme from LINCOLN (scroll down) on repeat while I wrote this post. From the moment I heard it in the first trailer, I knew the theme would be an iconic one, instantly recognizable to those who might be paying attention. It didn’t win the Oscar the site linked above is lobbying for, but if The People’s House doesn’t move you, perhaps no melody will.