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This is one of many posts in my NYC List series, in an effort to keep myself exploring the city. See where it started, and keep an eye on this tag for more posts.

brooklyn farmacy

As with the Entertainment category here where I called out Broadway specifically, I’ll be drafting up a sub-category on food and drink dedicated to Brunch – it’s simply that much of an artform in this city. It’s also worth noting that what’s listed below doesn’t even scratch the culinary surface of a city that’s home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Sadly, I have neither the budget nor the palate to truly explore the sheer depth of world-class options.

So I’ll stick to the few spots below and see what tasty wonders I can discover!

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain (pictured) – generally speaking, I just need to get out to Brooklyn more (see next item on this list, too). But more than an excuse to explore, could the Farmacy look more inviting? With its homemade syrup sodas, locally-sourced ice creams and rotating menu of baked sweets, I half expect a young George Bailey to be behind the counter serving it all up.

Mac & Cheese, Nuggets and Cronuts, oh my! – NYC is known for finding some niche and exploiting it to the height of hip, and I have yet to take full advantage. I need to set aside a weekend and indulge in the trendiest of edible delights, from gourmet mac & cheese, chicken nuggets like your mother never made, and the legendary cronut, if only to see what all the fuss is about.

Brooklyn Brewery – My experience with craft breweries really only extends to the fine operation that is Sun King Brewing in Indianapolis. But as breweries go, it’s not a bad one to be familiar with. Here, Brooklyn Brewery’s beers are ubiquitous, a go-to on summer evenings on the patio. An afternoon at the source, touring the operations and tasting the wares, would be an OK afternoon indeed.

The Red Hook Winery – Like the brewery, it’s cool to think of this kind of production happening right here in the city, and even more cool to think of discovering this neighborhood of south Brooklyn while checking out this gem. One of the many businesses impacted by Hurricane Sandy, the winery re-opened last year and offers tastings daily of something like 70 wines. Don’t mind if I do.

Literary Bar Crawl – Are you sensing a theme here, drinking our way around the city? Time Out New York, that venerable resource of so many things to do with your time and money, has a fun go-round with a written-word theme. Some self-guided pub-crawling is in my future (and I’ve already been to one of them!).

Speakeasies – I’ve made it to a couple of these already, and they’re just as fun as they look. The thrill of walking through a secret door in a coffee shop – or even better, through a phone booth! – to the unadvertised bar in the back just doesn’t get old.

Bubble Tea/Ramen bowls/Other “exotic” options – It’s still exciting to be discovering the delicacies that here are really no big deal but just don’t grow on trees anywhere else. There’s this intriguing thing called bubble tea? I’ve heard about it since moving here, but have yet to snag one. Around the corner from me is this Ramen bar – it’s a hole in the wall with about 10 seats, cash only and there’s always a line to get one of the seats. Which of course piques my curiosity to no end. And I’m sure there’s a ton more options like it, the kind of stuff I haven’t even heard of yet and can’t wait to try.