Like a room without a roof.

It’s as ingrained in me as the color of my eyes that happiness is a choice. Every day. Every minute. It’s one of the most liberating realizations of one’s existence, really, the moment you realize that, honestly? You can just be happy. Let the rest go, breathe deep and smile. I don’t know a simpler way to put it.*

Though it’s about a year old now, this song has yet to get old. And it’s found its way back into heavy rotation for me this week with Pharrell back in the press for the sake of his new album (only his second solo effort – he’s built his impact as the producer, the songwriter to every major hit of the last decade).

On CBS Sunday Morning this weekend, he gave what is easily the most genuine, humble interview I’ve seen in recent memory, chalking up his every success to every band teacher he’s ever had. “Where would I be without them?” he asked in all seriousness. This guy.

And then this clip from an interview with Oprah hit today – and yes, she’s still at it, making people cry:

I mean, really. How amazing is that? When was the last time you saw someone so successful delight so unabashedly in others’ joy, joy which he contributed to realizing? Simply wonderful.

If you, like me, haven’t gotten enough Happy in your life, might I recommend, which is exactly what it sounds like: the song, on repeat, with video to take you through every 24 hours of your day, every single one of them happy.

*Please know I’m not insinuating that people suffering with depression, anxiety and other similar afflictions are just “making the wrong choice.” Far from it. I realize these are conditions are serious and require medical attention and constant attention. I’m merely speaking from my own experience, which is really all I can do on this blog of mine – say what I know to be true from my little corner of the world.

One response to “Like a room without a roof.”

  1. I am so tired of that song, but I am NOT tired of seeing the new iterations and feeling that connected-ness. How freaking awesome is that?! Thanks for posting this interview.

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