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This category could quite literally go on forever. There is not a single moment of the day or night that you can’t find a way to be entertained in the Big Apple, and if you feel like you can’t find anything, you’re just not looking hard enough.

With such a variety of activities considered Entertainment, you’ll see quite a mix in this list of future experiences, from sports to film to music and theater. There’s so much potential, in fact, that I’ll post a NYC List dedicated to just Broadway and the shows I’d love to see this season!

In the meantime, here’s the numerous ways I expect this city to entertain me, and soon:

Comedy Shows – From the Comedy Cellar to Caroline’s to Upright Citizen’s Brigade, there are a million and one ways to see up-and-coming and established comics in this city.

Jazz. At Rue B – I bet I could find great live jazz in a dozen different bars around town, with dark corners and small stages stacked with cats. Something about the way Rue B is described, though – count me in. And pour me another.

Shakespeare in the Park – In all my wandering of Central Park last summer, I never managed to make it to a show. This seems like such a quintessential New York City experience, that it’s high on my list for summer 2014.

Saturday Night Live – as I’m sitting at home watching host week after week break out in “Live from New Yoooooork!” it occurs to me that they’re saying it from a studio less than a mile from me. I’m not sure I even care who’s hosting; I just can’t imagine leaving NY having never been to the show!

Sports – I’m no fanatic, but I do enjoy a live game of most sports (golf is probably a major exception to that rule…). I would love to chekc out a Yankees game. Or the Mets. I haven’t chosen a side yet. I’d even check out basketball. Just no football, please – you won’t catch me cheering for any New England-based football teams, no way no how.

Outdoor Movies – I could probably make another sub-list with all the opportunities to see movies outside in the summer in this city. NYC Parks. Central Park Film Festival. Rooftop Films. Bryant Park Screenings. Summerscreen. Brooklyn Bridge Park. Riverflicks. And on and on and on.

The Moth – With a lot of time walking/riding the subway, I’ve started listening to more and more podcasts to keep me company. And one of my favorites is The Moth Radio Hour. The show itself is an event that takes place around the country, including New York. Though in my dreams I get up and tell the most incredible story that wins the slam, I’ll settle for attending and seeing some great stories from folks more talented than me.

Nitehawk Cinema – I have no idea why I haven’t been here yet. It’s one of the theaters included in my MoviePass, and I still haven’t made it over. It sounds like a classy Alamo Drafthouse, so I’ve just gotta pick a movie, pick a meal and go.