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The Month That Was

You guys, I seriously have no idea where April went. It’s all a blur. Travel, visiting filmmakers, film festivals, moving apartments. Last I checked it was dead-of-winter early March. I just looked, and we’re already two weeks in to May.

What the what?!

So I owe this space more than a few updates, and I have several planned. Except that I don’t have internet at my new space yet (and have no ETA on its installation, either…) – so posting here is all but impossible (I refuse to type everything up on my small phone. Must be on another continent to resort to that).

Upcoming posts include:

  • How I Found My Apartment (good grief is that a story…)
  • One Year in NYC (because it can’t go unnoticed)
  • Seattle Trip Recap (no, the Seattle trip hasn’t even happened yet. Yes, I’m already planning the blog post.)
  • NYC List updates (because I’m actually doing a lot of the things I said I wanted to do!)
  • Tribeca Festival recap (spent enough time around the fest for a few stories)
  • Read This: The Leftovers (Tom Perrotta can do no wrong)
  • Listen to This: Audiobooks (or how they saved my commute)

And more, I’m sure. As the summer wears on (and I get wifi at home), I am oh-so-confident that this space once created to record my travels – abroad and to new jobs – will be rejuvenated with stories of life in Brooklyn, work in movies and all the news (about me) that’s fit to print. I do hope you’ll stop by now and then to see what’s new.


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