Check. Check. And…check.

It dawned on me yesterday that I’d been away from the blog for a month. A month! I know you’ve been refreshing the page for 30 long days wondering where I’ve gone off to…

For one, you can always find me on Twitter and Instagram if you’re missing me that much.

For another, it’s been quite a month! Back in March, after a humiliating weekend hibernating in my apartment, I decided to draft up what I declared my NYC List – a bunch of lists, actually, covering all manner of adventures I’d hoped to have in New York, and sooner rather than later.

Turns out, the length of my absence from these pages has been in direct correlation the number of To Do items I’m knocking off all those lists. To whit:

I’ve seen Waiting for GodotIf/Then and Violet on Broadway, two of which were on my list, and one which was a $25 ticket I couldn’t pass up. There’s still Les Miserables and Cabaret begging to be seen, but budgets allow for only so many nights on the Great White Way. If/Then is easily a new favorite – not a perfect show by any means, but it resonated with me. And I was 8th row to see Idina Menzel perform live. So there’s that.

After one unsuccessful attempt, I managed to snag tickets to see Much Ado About Nothing, one of this season’s Shakespeare in the Park productions, and it was easily the most charming evening of the summer so far. It’s one of my favorite plays, and it was nothing short of a vision in the outdoor theater in the center of Central Park.

I’ve seen a film at Nitehawk Cinema, and this week I’ll get to an outdoor screening (of When Harry Met Sally, no less!), knocking even more items off my list of entertainment musts in the city.

I’ve only knocked the Frick Collection off my list of museums to see, but it’s a doozie. From Titian to Rembrandt, Monet to Vermeer, Goya to El Greco, and a few stunning Whistlers I’d never before encountered, it’s a stunning collection in a home built with the intention of becoming a gallery one day.

And just this weekend, I took a stroll through the Central Park Conservatory Garden. If it were easier to get to, I’d be there every Saturday afternoon. It’s a charming spread of six acres trimmed and maintained in distinct English, Italian and French garden styles. That same day, I made my way to the Hester Street Fair, also on my list of outdoor sites to see.

I’ve still got plenty to do – much on the lists above, and I’ve not made a dent at all in my list of eats or the touristy sightseeing I hope to do. But it feels good to know that I’m getting out there, that I’m putting check marks next to a few of the things I’d said I would.