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This is one of many posts in my NYC List series, in an effort to keep myself exploring the city. See where it started, and keep an eye on this tag for more posts.

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I wouldn’t exactly call myself an “outdoorsy” type. And yet, as the days get longer and the sun gets warmer, it’s next to impossible to stay inside in this city. It’s stuffy and cramped in those small apartments!

From markets to wander to parks to explore to street fairs to stumble into (which I’ve done more than once just by leaving my building…), New York knows how to take advantage of a lovely day.

Greenmarket @ Union Square – I’m not entirely sure how I haven’t ended up here yet. Maybe I have, and I just didn’t realize what it was called? Regardless, I’d love to go back some warm Saturday and take it all in. You know, now that I know what it is.

Bronx Zoo – I’ve done the Central Park Zoo, which was charming. Small, but charming. Time to head up to the real thing, make my way north and see what the Bronx has to offer by way of exotic animals.

Central Park Conservatory Garden – In all my wandering of Central Park, I have no idea how I haven’t found my way here. It looks simply idyllic, and I need to spend an afternoon among the kept lawns and new blossoms.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade / Brooklyn Bridge Park – I know I’ve seen the former in countless movies, maybe a few episodes of Sex and the City, too. When you throw in the surrounding greener of the latter, a book and a bag lunch, I bet that’s a pretty fine Saturday afternoon you’ve just made for yourself, friend.

Hester Street Fair – street fairs really are a dime a dozen around here; they seem to pop up on every corner in the warmer month. So when one comes to be known as a destination, you know it’s worth checking out. I mean, did you look at those pictures?

Prospect Park – full disclosure, I’ve already been here. But it was only once, and it was only for my company summer picnic. While there was paddle ball and proscuitto, there wasn’t much time to explore what seems to be the biggest park in Brooklyn. Must get back there, and for some serious exploring, too.