two nights, two shows

I decided not to do a recap post about the theater I saw in 2017 because, well…there just wasn’t much to recap. I saw some great shows, don’t get me wrong. Snagging a last-minute ticket to Dear Evan Hanson on Broadway was totally worth it. Catching the touring company of Les Miserables never gets old. Taking my mom and kid sister to the Lyric’s My Fair Lady will always be a favorite Mother’s Day memory. 

But overall, I feel like I made a poor showing of it at the theater last year. Six shows in twelve months? What a travesty!

(I kid. Mostly.)

I’m happy to report that 2018 is already starting off super strong. We’re a month in, and I’ve already seen five productions, from a world premiere at Steppenwolf that’s headed to Broadway (well, was headed to Broadway) to a couple storefront productions that were…less than inspiring. Continue reading “two nights, two shows”