The Day You Love Each Other The Least

In late 2016, my phone alerted me to a new message. It was from my cousin Liz, and it was just a photo of her and her boyfriend…and her left hand. “We’re engaged!” 

A little over a year later, their family and friends gathered at a beautiful hotel/resort in the suburbs to celebrate their big day, and it left me with all the feels.

Table Ten

Both sides of my family are relatively large; my dad had seven siblings and my mom has four. Fast forward a couple generations and between all of the cousins and the kids they’re having, there are a lot of us. Which is wonderful on the occasion of a wedding: it’s exactly the best reason to gather all (or most) of us together to catch up and celebrate.

Liz and Al’s big day was no exception. From beginning to end, the whole affair was lovely.  Continue reading “The Day You Love Each Other The Least”

Review: The Breadwinner

This review originally appeared on Third Coast Review.

Every year, after the Oscar nominations are announced, the dust settles and a few titles rise to the top as head-scratchers. How the heck did that get nominated for an Academy Award? There’s one such movie in this year’s Best Animated Feature category, although mercifully it is not The Breadwinner. (I’ll give you three guesses which it is…it starts with a B and ends in …oss Baby.)

Image courtesy of Gene Siskel Film Center

From the studio that created The Secret of the Kells and Song of the Sea, both masterpieces in their own right and both also nominated for Oscars, The Breadwinner is a universally stirring drama about a young girl in Kabul, Afghanistan in the shadow of September 11. As war looms, her father is unjustly imprisoned and she’s forced to get creative about how to support her mother, older sister and toddler brother under an oppressive regime.

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