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    A Date with NYC: Post-script

    A year after moving away, I got myself back to New York for a weekend and anticipation was high, to say the least. I am happy to report that the trip not only lived up to expectations, it surprised and delighted in ways I never could have guessed, making it all the more memorable. I flew out after work on Wednesday and made my way to my room in Park Slope, a tiny second-floor spot in a brownstone owned by a lovely woman who’d lived there for 35-plus years. She welcomed me warmly at nearly midnight, and I settled in quickly, buzzing with good energy being back in the city…

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    A Date with NYC

    In just over a week, I head off for a long weekend in NYC. Returning just about a year after I moved away, it’s the first time I’ll be back to the Big Apple since then (with the exception of a whirlwind 24 hour trip for a film event late last summer). I’ve stayed away until now for several reasons, not the least of which was because I really needed to make a clean break from the place in order to fully appreciate my new digs in Chicago. Budget was also a consideration – not much time for weekend getaways when I’m busy furnishing an apartment and what not. And…

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    Just You Wait…

    Back in March, as I packed up my life yet again for another move across the country, I was hearing rumblings about a new musical making a splash off Broadway. Something called Hamilton? Something about American History by the guy who did In The Heights? For a couple weeks, I tried to snag a ticket through the show lottery on the TodayTix app but never came up a winner. (That app, btw, is a must if you’re in NYC and a theater nerd!) No matter, I thought. It’d be nice to get in, but then again, it’s just a show. Famous. Last. Words. In the months since, Hamilton has taken the theater world…

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    On Cartoons for Grown Ups

    One of the best perks of living in New York City – besides amazing food options, unparalleled diversity and wonderfully accessible public transit – is the weekly influx of new film. Every Friday, a new crop of titles debuts, so many that it’s impossible to keep up (though trust me, I try!). When my sister-in-law, a week past her due date and exhausted, texted to ask me to find time to see what its said will be Hayao Miyazaki’s last film, The Wind Rises, I was happy to oblige. That the request came during the one week I had hardly any free time was of no matter – screening for…

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    Weekend Adventure – Sunday

    We can all agree Sundays are pretty much the best, right? No need for an alarm clock and nothing but potential in the foreseeable future, the threat of Monday morning far enough away that it isn’t quite real yet. Last Sunday in particular was lovely in the way reserved for Sundays. I’ve taken to quiet Sunday mornings, waking up when I will (or when Audrey will have me) and enjoying coffee and breakfast with CBS Sunday Morning and Meet The Press. And no, I’m not in my late sixties. It’s just nice to take my time one morning a week, to have no where rush off to.

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    Weekend Adventure – Saturday

    Assuming you stop by this space every so often to see what latest New York adventure I’ve been on, I thought I’d post quickly about last weekend, the weekend I managed to fully inject myself into life in this bustling hive of a city and enjoy every stinkin’ minute of it. It started with a day of volunteering, plans made on a whim when I got an email from the 20s/30s group at the Catholic church near my place. It mentioned they’d be volunteering for New York Cares Day and there was still time to get involved. What’s that? Back up? Yes. Yes, I did say church group.