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  • Review: A Fantastic Woman

    Review: A Fantastic Woman

    This is a cross-post with Third Coast Review. It’s often said that film is the most collaborative of arts. It takes a village, so to speak, to create ninety minutes of story and visuals that move us, inspire us, scare us, entertain us. When everything comes together seamlessly, no one aspect of the film overshadows…

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  • Watch This: The Salesman

    For years promoting the U.S. releases of foreign films, again and again I heard them described as “quiet.” Quiet and compelling. Quiet and taut. Quiet and affecting. It’s no wonder so many worthy imports fail to reach a large audience. Who wants to spend two hours watching a lot of quietness – which is to…

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    It happened this week: Blue is the Warmest Color hit Netflix streaming. I’ve already written how moving I found this film, what a compelling performance Adele Exarchopoulos delivers. No matter. The news that the film is now streaming on Netflix merits mentioning it yet again. The film didn’t get any recognition at the Oscars. The rumor…

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  • Queue This

    When I try to tell people what I do, I typically have to start at the beginning. Something like… “A filmmaker makes a movie. That filmmaker wants people to see the movie. We buy the movie and release it across a bunch of different platforms – the filmmaker gets paid, and people see the movie.…

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