Queue This

When I try to tell people what I do, I typically have to start at the beginning. Something like…

“A filmmaker makes a movie. That filmmaker wants people to see the movie. We buy the movie and release it across a bunch of different platforms – the filmmaker gets paid, and people see the movie. Win win.”

The next question people usually ask is “Do I know any of your movies?”

As we’re one of the more limited players on the studio scene, the answer is probably not. But that’s just because we haven’t had this conversation yet. Chances are, our films are more available than you think – you might have seen one an not even realized it. And even if you haven’t, they’re all within reach so long as your remote control (or laptop) is, too.

We’re featured on every major cable provider’s VOD system, our films premiere on Hulu practically every other week, you can snag them at Amazon Instant and iTunes, and we’ve got a list a mile long available for streaming on Netflix. So I thought, what better way to be sure you’re seeing our films than to tell you which ones to add to your queue on Netflix? Here they are:

I don’t believe this is any kind of exhaustive list. You can see all our films here, and then look up any particular ones you’re interested on the various services you use. If it’s not available on any of those outlets, you can always stream the film directly from our website.

*These are films I programmed in Indianapolis at one time or another – films I loved enough to want to share them with audiences. Which is, I hope, enough of an endorsement for you to check them out, too.