It happened this week: Blue is the Warmest Color hit Netflix streaming.

I’ve already written how moving I found this film, what a compelling performance Adele Exarchopoulos delivers. No matter. The news that the film is now streaming on Netflix merits mentioning it yet again.

screen shot 2013-10-29 at 5.24.51 pmThe film didn’t get any recognition at the Oscars. The rumor I read was that France didn’t submit it as their Best Foreign Language pick because the US distributor thought they could finagle nominations in the main categories (Picture, Actress, etc.). Which certainly isn’t unheard of (Life is Beautiful), but unfortunately didn’t pan out.

In the waning days of winter, I can’t recommend hunkering down for a few hours with this film enough. Grab a bottle of wine, get comfortable and enjoy the epic emotional journey of a film that dares to go there.