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  • Chicago To Do: Summer Adventures

    Chicago To Do: Summer Adventures

    I’ve been so focused on work lately (and adventures far and wide), it’s been ages since I took a look around a little closer to home for new experiences. One of my favorite parts of living in New York were the outings and random exploring I’d do when I found myself with a free weekend…

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  • Chicago List: Out of Hibernation

    It’s been a while since I drafted a new list of things to do around the city. With summer ramping up, it seemed a perfect time to build out something fresh, a brand new list of what I’m looking forward to doing and seeing and experiencing as the city comes out of hibernation.

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  • Open House Chicago Adventure

    A few months ago, as I was in the throes of processing a move back to the midwest, I did a bit of free association writing therapy. It totally helped process some heavy shit, which got my head on a bit straighter and led to some writing I actually published: my Chicago lists. The whole…

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  • Chicago List of Lists

    I had a bit of a moment a couple weeks ago, a “come to Jesus” moment with myself where I had to acknowledge the sheer enormity of the change I’d just been through. It all happened so fast and became such a whirlwind, for much of the last few months I’ve not been able to…

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  • Chicago List: Food & Drinks

    A girl’s gotta eat, amiright? Chicago, I am learning, is known in some circles for its food scene, home to a slew of Michelin-starred establishments, and a “restaurant row” in the West Loop where more than one Master Chef has set up shop. I’m not sure all that is in the budget, but there are…

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  • Chicago List: Outdoors

    As the new job and move started to come together earlier this year, I shared with anyone who’d ask that I was most excited to be moving to Chicago just as Summer would arrive. “There’s nothing – nothing! – like Summer in Chicago!” I’d tell anyone who’d listen. And I meant it. Maybe it’s the brutal…

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