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Chicago List of Lists

I had a bit of a moment a couple weeks ago, a “come to Jesus” moment with myself where I had to acknowledge the sheer enormity of the change I’d just been through. It all happened so fast and became such a whirlwind, for much of the last few months I’ve not been able to do much more than the next thing, whatever that happened to be.

Now that the dust has settled, there’s a reality of living in a new city, setting myself up and settling in to what is my new day-to-day. I decided to do exactly what I do best when I’m overwhelmed: I made a list. A list of lists, actually. A list of the museums, restaurants, neighborhoods, events and more I want to experience now that I’ve got a minute to breathe. I’ve posted each over the last several days, but just in case you missed one or two, here they are in one handy…list.

Neighborhoods – a high-level view of all the areas around the city I’m interested in exploring.

Museums – one good Google search proves this city has a lot more on offer than the Art Institute (though that’s great, too!)

Theater – I miss theater in New York as much as a fish on a hook misses water, but I’m learning that Chicago’s scene is nothing to sneeze at.

Historical Sites – as a big ol’, self-proclaimed history nerd, I owe it to myself to explore the rich stories of one of the most dynamic cities in the country.

Outdoors – it’s been a rainy summer so far, but when the sun does shine through, I have a few spots on my radar.

Food & Drink – Turns out there’s quite a dining / cocktail scene to be consumed (see what I did there) in this town. Pour me another!

Creating these lists is my own little trick of motivation, sources of inspiration when I need to get out of the apartment but don’t have anything on the books. As in: “Why yes, this plan-free Saturday seems like a lovely day to explore the Newberry Book Fair!” A bonus, of course, is the fodder it provides for this little corner of the internet, writing I’ve missed doing if I’m being completely honest (and why wouldn’t I be?). Adventures – and the stories borne of adventures – await!