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    Check. Check. And…check.

    It dawned on me yesterday that I’d been away from the blog for a month. A month! I know you’ve been refreshing the page for 30 long days wondering where I’ve gone off to… For one, you can always find me on Twitter and Instagram if you’re missing me that much. For another, it’s been quite a month! Back in March, after a humiliating weekend hibernating in my apartment, I decided to draft up what I declared my NYC List – a bunch of lists, actually, covering all manner of adventures I’d hoped to have in New York, and sooner rather than later. Turns out, the length of my absence from these…

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    This is one of many posts in my NYC List series, in an effort to keep myself exploring the city. See where it started, and keep an eye on this tag for more posts. I wouldn’t exactly call myself an “outdoorsy” type. And yet, as the days get longer and the sun gets warmer, it’s next to impossible to stay inside in this city. It’s stuffy and cramped in those small apartments! From markets to wander to parks to explore to street fairs to stumble into (which I’ve done more than once just by leaving my building…), New York knows how to take advantage of a lovely day.

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    Weekend Adventure – Sunday

    We can all agree Sundays are pretty much the best, right? No need for an alarm clock and nothing but potential in the foreseeable future, the threat of Monday morning far enough away that it isn’t quite real yet. Last Sunday in particular was lovely in the way reserved for Sundays. I’ve taken to quiet Sunday mornings, waking up when I will (or when Audrey will have me) and enjoying coffee and breakfast with CBS Sunday Morning and Meet The Press. And no, I’m not in my late sixties. It’s just nice to take my time one morning a week, to have no where rush off to.

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    On Two Wheels

    All summer – and even as the air starts to chill into Fall – my boss has ridden his bike into work. Recently, another coworker took a cue from our fearless leader and geared himself up for a cycling commute, too. Both make their way in from Brooklyn, no small trek. I’ve always wished I biked more. Living next door to a bike path in Indianapolis, as every summer ended I always felt guilty I hadn’t taken more advantage of the chance to fly up and down the Monon on two wheels. Now, I’ve spent Summer 2013 exploring NYC on foot, watching a good portion of the city zip by…

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    Rules of the road. Erm…sidewalk.

    My grandmother is nearly 80 and has never driven a car a day in her life. Everywhere she needed to be, she could walk. And everywhere we went with her on the weekends we’d stay overnight, we’d walk, too. To the pool in the summer, the park in the spring and fall. (We weren’t walking anywhere in Chicago winters…) Since moving to New York, I’ve thought of her often as I walk everywhere. I haven’t missed my car for a single moment. If anything, I relish in a good stroll, and a single destination often turns into meandering down a new street or into a new neighborhood. Just today, I…