Reykjavik, part 2

*Editor’s Note: I’m writing this several weeks after the trip, life and all kept me from getting this sorted before now. 

The quickest way to watch a week go by is by having a fantastic one, and by the time our return flight to Reykjavik and the States rolled around, I could hardly believe it was time. We’d chosen to travel to London in the first place because it is so approachable, because it could be a city we decide to live in, like Chicago or San Francisco or New York. That familiarity and comfort meant we relaxed into our surroundings in no time, making more space for fun.

But home beckons us all, and we’d little did we know it at the time but we’d saved the best part of the trip for last.

Reykjavik is known for its quaint urbanity, modern book stores and clubs alongside old buildings and classic restaurants. The rest of Iceland is known for adventure, with all sorts of activities available if you’ve got more than a day in the country…and are the type to enjoy that sort of thing.

Blue, indeed
Blue, indeed

Between the city center and the airport is a wonder of a spot, Blue Lagoon. Born of volcanic rock and water reserves, the hot spring is now a polished resort and spa complete with massages, facial treatments and a restaurant. Situated as it is, they facilitate stops at the spa on your coach between the airport and the city, another of the many great ways Iceland gets you to experience their country.

And what an experience.

One of the themes of this trip seemed to be not knowing what to expect, but being game for it regardless. Blue Lagoon proved to fit this adventurous theme, as we weren’t entirely clear on what the day would entail. We opted for an admission a tick above the basic, which allowed for a drink from the in-water bar and a sulfuric facial, plus towel access – a must when you’re packing light.

2015-05-11 17.09.53Our few hours spent at Blue Lagoon are easily the most relaxed hours of my life. The water is incredible, and the whole place is serene. We redeemed our drink access and spent the next half hour floating in the steaming water sipping Prosecco while our faces soaked in mineral paste. Sheer bliss.

This holiday of ours came together quickly (and nearly not at all) and inserted itself into my life at a time I was in no shape to be escaping for a long week. And yet, these 10 days across three countries have gladly added themselves to my ever-growing travel diary, a trip equal parts cultural tour, culinary adventure and relaxing escape. As we boarded our final flight back to the US, I might’ve been ready to be home, but I wasn’t ready to leave, either.

See all my photos from the trip here.

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