Recent Adventures (Part 1)

A little over halfway through, I can say with a certain confidence that 2016 has taken a few twists and turns that I didn’t exactly see coming. I spent most of my quieter moments in July processing all of that, and it’s only with the start of the new month that I’m able to articulate some of it.

So in a two-part post, I’m looking back and looking ahead. As I’ve been all up in my head about how rocky this year has been, I’d forgotten just what awesome adventures I’ve been on these last six or seven months. And with the first of the month comes the requisite updates about all the great things to look forward to before the calendar flips again.

Let’s start with where I’ve been…

A weekend with friends I’ve known forever.

A solo adventure to the Chicago History Museum (which I highly recommend!)

Train travels to and from family visits.

An appropriately weird trip to SXSW.

There are no words.

My favorite breakfast in my favorite neighborhood.

Leaving work early to see Downton Abbey costumes on display.

Celebrating Easter with both sides of my family, in a single day!

Making the time to see these gems.

That first drink after you resign.

A perfect weekend getaway in Memphis.

Followed by a perfect burger in the city.

Settling in to my new groove.

Quality time on the farm.

Serious people watching on Memorial Day weekend.

An evening with one of the smartest comics out there.


Hosting my favorite pre-teen for a girls weekend.

And hosting these loves, filling my place with laughter and great memories.

Would I change the way some things have worked out recently? Not gonna lie, I totally would. But have I had some pretty great adventures despite the topsy-turvy last few months? I totally have. And it’s always nice to be reminded of that.

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