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I just spent a very lovely (and very hot) weekend in Boston, visiting a dear friend from college and her family. (Her son just turned two and I only this weekend met him! We fell instantly in love, obvs.)

Between small-town 4th of July parades, a busy morning at the Museum of Science and evening ice cream runs, we caught up on the comings and goings of the last few years and the latest in each of our lives. In the midst of these conversations, I articulated a thought that I hadn’t really recognized until the words came out of my mouth.

For the first time in…ever…I am working at a job that is both my paycheck and my passion. My days are filled with the details of building audiences for independent film. In other words, the work I’ve always wanted to do and am over the moon to be doing.


Thing is, for the last 5 years (at least) I’ve juggled a full time job while pursuing my passion outside of my office hours. Evenings of meetings and events, weekends spent in a festival office from mid-morning until evening, vacation time socked away in order to take time off during the festival.

Here I am a month into my new job and it’s just now occurred to me that, um…I don’t have any hobbies. I don’t knit. Or crochet. Or sew. You can’t really call the occasional solo Just Dance 4 performance “working out.” I don’t belong to any clubs or volunteer anywhere. I have no idea what I “do” outside of work.

Yeah, yeah, you’re thinking. That really sucks. You have a job you love in a brand new city. Must be rough. No, you’re right. I’m not complaining, really. More like acknowledging. Acknowledging that I have some exploring to do, some adventures to embark upon.

Add to it that I don’t have my group, my tribe, my people established here in the Big Apple just yet, and I’m really at more of a loss than I’ve had time to think about lately. Not only do I want to discover what it is I enjoy doing, I want to discover who I enjoy doing it with.

So here’s me putting it in black and white. I’m not sure what will stick, but I’m going to start trying to branch out. I’m looking at starting a 4-week Basics of Yoga class next week. I found an amazing site with deals on workout classes. I do want to find a writing outlet (beyond this lovely corner of the internet), but I’m not sure what sort – screenwriting? Fiction? Creative non-fiction?

I’m not sure I’ll discover I really can cook – or knit – and be off on a newfound pastime. But I’m at least willing to try.

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  • Grandma

    Good for you, Lisa. We should always be open for new opportunities, and you surely are.

    This isn’t a “hobby” per se, but have you ever considered training to be a Minister of Care at a local parish and bringing Communion to patients in a nearby hospital? I did it for 17 years at OPH until I had to stop because of my back, and also for awhile at Rush and Michael Reese, and as a personal touch would offer them one of the small crucifixes I brought home from Holy Land pilgrimages, which very few refused.

    It’s just a thought. I’m happy that you’re so happy with your new job. Work isn’t really work when you’re so happy doing it.

    Love, Grandma

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