You’re not off the hook that easy, bub.

You guys may or may not know this, but this is not my first time to the blogging rodeo. Back in college, I had a Blogger-based blog (dang, that word sounds weird the more you say it. Blog. Blog. Bloggity blog blog). It was…well…pretty bad. I mean, it was on Blogger to begin with. Pre-Google Blogger.

And I was a college student. I’ll just let you imagine the profound posts that resulted in. “I’m so lost.” “Will I ever amount to anything?” “Why hasn’t he called me?!” Really important stuff.

Once I finally gave up blogging that go-round, an amazing thing happened: people started talking to me again. No, it’s not that my posts were so scandalous I’d lost all my friends (that only happened that one time…) Instead, my blogging had become a surrogate, apparently, for actually speaking to me, for checking in, for hearing my latest news. Because, you know – I’d just posted the latest news.

Which is totally understandable. I’m not writing now from a bitter place in the slightest. Honest. I brought it on myself, of course, all the posting about the minutiae of a 20-year-old’s day-to-day. Riveting stuff. I can see why no one wanted more of it than they had to read.

But here’s my request this time around: please keep talking to me.

I’m going to do my best to keep this space interesting and up to date and worth your while. But one thing I won’t be doing (call it the wisdom that comes with age) is sharing every little thing that happens. I ain’t got time for that shiz.

You may follow me here and on Twitter and Instagram and everywhere else I overshare with the world (as so many of us do these days). But, you know…text me once in a while. Give me a ring. I’ll save a story or two for you.

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