Weekend Adventure – Saturday

Assuming you stop by this space every so often to see what latest New York adventure I’ve been on, I thought I’d post quickly about last weekend, the weekend I managed to fully inject myself into life in this bustling hive of a city and enjoy every stinkin’ minute of it.

It started with a day of volunteering, plans made on a whim when I got an email from the 20s/30s group at the Catholic church near my place. It mentioned they’d be volunteering for New York Cares Day and there was still time to get involved.

What’s that? Back up? Yes. Yes, I did say church group.

You see, when you’re in a new city in a new job and new surroundings, you gravitate towards what’s familiar. And even better, what’s familiar and what will put you in acceptable social contact with your peers. Sure, I haven’t gone to church regularly in years. But you never forget a decade in plaid jumpers and morning prayers, so there I was, volunteering with a church group.

And it was lovely. Truly, a wonderful day. My new volunteer t-shirt got splattered with the paint we applied to set pieces, and I was up to my wrists in dirt as I planted tulip bulbs. Look, there’s photographic proof.

But I also heard about one guy’s run on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? (he couldn’t tell us how much he’d won, since his episode hadn’t aired yet) and one of the girl’s gisg at the Martha Stewart Show and Yahoo TV (which is apparently a thing?). And in between, we spruced up a Brooklyn grade school the kids were surely stoked to see when they got back to classes on Monday.

Over lunch – at the picnic-slash-chess tables in the playground – we talked about what any group of young professionals talks about: dating in the city. Apparently it’s way easier than you’d think to drop $300 here on a first date that’s nothing more than dinner and bowling. Who knew? I also got caught up on the other kinds of events the group takes part in, including something called Brews & Pews – which I have to admit I am more than a little intrigued by.

At the end of the afternoon, I walked back to the subway with a girl (young, a new grad – a time in my own life that seems so far away…) who’d moved here from Texas to go to art school. She spoke highly of the rest of the group, the church, being in the city itself. I’m not sure I can turn on going back to church every Sunday like you can a light switch (yes, I’m a bad Catholic. I realize this.), but I am more than reassured to know that as I dip my toe into this particular pond, if I do choose to jump in I’d have good company along the way.

And besides, I’ve gotta find out how much that guy won on Millionaire.

Next up: Sunday, including an amazing bike ride through Central Park and the Colts in NYC.