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Up from here

February was not a good month for this blog, dear reader! I wish I could say it was because I was out being so adventurous I simply didn’t have the time to recount it all on screen.

Quite the opposite.

This winter has been so cold, so snow-laden, so impossibly aggressive, I’ve been hibernating maybe more than I realized. Where I once spent hours wandering Central Park, I’m holed up in my tiny studio willing the weather to warm up already. I haven’t yet cracked the code as to where New Yorkers spend these doldrum months, if anywhere other than their own homes.

My absence from posting has been at least in part self-inflicted out of guilt – guilt that I cannot possibly keep up with the far-flung stories from the other side of the globe I was regaling you with at this time last year. My life as, quite easily it would seem, slipped back into a day-to-day routine that is far less interesting to an outsider than the days spent exploring beaches and cities I may never see again.

And yet, it’s a welcome challenge of sorts, isn’t it? I could sit back and wash my hands of this whole endeavor, surrender to the predictable and choose not to bore you with it. Or. OR.

Or I could work even harder to identify the moments worth sharing, the observations and recommendations and insights from my 15th-floor, Midtown West vantage point. I could make an effort to live a life worth posting about. As I just re-read my own posts from India, I came across the one about taking a cooking class in Palolem.

Dear reader, I did not want to take that cooking class. Every instinct in me was to not put myself out there, to not connect with my culinary classmates, these unfamiliar beings, and instead stay comfortably in my familiar solitude. But I did it. And I distinctly remember at the time thinking that I must do it in order to have something to show for my time abroad, to have another story to tell. To get a blog post out of it. So I did it.

So I’ll keep doing it. Whatever it is that keeps you and I talking as we do in this arena. I will do those things – and post about them – so that this month of just a few posts is the barest this corner of the internet is all year.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some plans to make.