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  • Four Days in Lisbon

    Four Days in Lisbon

    After four wonderful days exploring Madrid, I boarded an overnight train to Lisbon, eager to get to the city I fell in love with from a travel show. Arriving in Portugal, I was tired but energized, anxious to soak up another new location and culture for four days before heading back to Madrid and then…

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  • Four Days in Madrid

    Four Days in Madrid

    When you book a ticket to Europe on a whim at a dirt cheap price, rest assured that the travel included in said tickets is not glamorous. I did my best to prepare for the elongated, exhausting trip to get me there: a 6a flight to Washington, DC then a whole day to hang out…

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  • Paris Part Sept (Marché Mouffetard, Jardin du Luxembourg and Home)

    This is the final post in a seven-part series about my trip to Paris. Read the other posts here. My last day in Paris had finally arrived, much as I willed it not to. I was still pretending like the cold I was coming down with didn’t exist, and I was determined to make the…

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  • Paris Part Six (The Louvre)

    This is part six of a seven-part series on my trip to Paris. Read the other parts here. When I first moved to New York, one of my early adventures was spending an entire day at the Met. I walked every nook and cranny until my legs ached, soaking up gallery after gallery. On my…

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  • Paris Part Cinq (Place des Vosges, Le Marais…)

    This is part five of a seven-part series on my trip to Paris. Read the other parts here. For those of you paying attention at home, by this point in Paris I’ve enjoyed quite a bit of food but – somehow – not a single croissant! That was quickly remedied on Friday morning when I walked…

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  • Paris Part Quatre (Champagne in Champagne)

    This is part four in a seven-part series on my trip to Paris. Read all the parts here. By Thursday, I was feeling more comfortable than ever in the city. I had the Metro system down pat, a favorite shop to stop for necessities like instant coffee and nutella for my breakfast toast. With a lot…

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