• City Stories

    Two for Two: Logan Square

    After a really wonderful time away (see here), it honestly wasn’t until I was on the plane back to the U.S. that I started thinking about, you know, being back in the U.S. That first week was fairly chill (as have been the subsequent weeks, too). I may get into that side of things in a future post, but for now I want to focus on much more important matters: food. As it happened, I had two separate plans for the weekend after I returned. One, a chance to catch up over dinner before a friend jetted off on her own travels. The other, brunch with my cousin who’d been feeding…

  • Pretending to Cook

    Cooking for Dummies

    I think Google is reading my blog. Or whoever it is who chooses the ads that show up in my Facebook feed. The other day, Facebook recommended Blue Apron meal service. I typically ignore or outright hide the ads, but this one caught my eye (maybe it showed up with the “So and so” likes this page” message to back it up). It’s not exactly a new concept, a service that provides all the food you’ll need for a week’s time. But Blue Apron takes a slightly shifted approach that actually has me considering it.