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  • Review: A Fantastic Woman

    Review: A Fantastic Woman

    This is a cross-post with Third Coast Review. It’s often said that film is the most collaborative of arts. It takes a village, so to speak, to create ninety minutes of story and visuals that move us, inspire us, scare us, entertain us. When everything comes together seamlessly, no one aspect of the film overshadows…

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  • Review: The Breadwinner

    This review originally appeared on Third Coast Review. Every year, after the Oscar nominations are announced, the dust settles and a few titles rise to the top as head-scratchers. How the heck did that get nominated for an Academy Award? There’s one such movie in this year’s Best Animated Feature category, although mercifully it is not…

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  • And the Oscar Goes to…

    …someone on this list. That’s right, it’s Oscar Season! Arguably entirely meaningless in the face of a crumbling democracy, a deteriorating planet and so much else, I’m nevertheless going to put far too much thought into the nominations announced on Tuesday morning and the meaning behind them all. You’ve been warned.

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  • Watch This: The Salesman

    For years promoting the U.S. releases of foreign films, again and again I heard them described as “quiet.” Quiet and compelling. Quiet and taut. Quiet and affecting. It’s no wonder so many worthy imports fail to reach a large audience. Who wants to spend two hours watching a lot of quietness – which is to…

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  • If I had a vote…and let’s say I do

    The Oscars are a tricky beast. There really is no way to know who the Academy gods will favor, and any effort to hazard a guess is all but pointless. So let’s!

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  • Giving you fair (cinematic) warning.

    Over the years, wherever I happen to be blogging at the moment, I tend to take time in the Fall to share my excitement about the coming movie season. Because Fall and into the Winter is a veritable candy store of the best films of the year. If you happen to be a kid who…

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