Links I’ve Clicked: Extended Edition

I hope you closed out November with a truly lovely Thanksgiving holiday. Not only was I lucky enough to get two dinners (divorced parents bonus!), but since I didn’t have to jump on a plane home for the first time in several years, I got to bring bags of leftovers home with me, too. It’s a week later and I just tonight got to the bottom of the tupperware containers stacked in my fridge, green bean casserole and stuffing and mashed potatoes and turkey.

What with the holiday and all the food last week, I didn’t find the time for this update – which I’ve actually come to look forward to. So it looks like I’ve got a double dose of clickable distractions for you. Read on…

Pre-Thanksgiving, I was still entertaining the idea of making some savory dish for the feast – how right it should be something Friends inspired, no? Well, no. All I brought to Thanksgiving (both of them!) was the wine.

I was late to the party, somehow completely missing the media storm that was this CEO announcing a $70k minimum wage for all his employees. Turns out, he’s basically a skeeve. Surprise.

I have been in love with Kate Winslet since seeing Titanic in the theater 3 times in high school (how much did I totally just date myself?) and always admired the course she’s charted for herself since. She seems as awesome as ever.

Chicago is going through some shit these days, and it’s sad and scary and I am not jealous of the leaders and civil servants who have to sort it all out. I’m not sure they should all resign, but maybe a clean slate would do us some good.

Whether you’re traveling with someone, stuck in the awkward silence of a particularly long Uber ride, or just need to strike up a conversation with someone at that holiday party, here are a few ideas.

And I’ll leave you with this: a holiday song that, had I known of its existence a week ago, I would’ve added it to my Christmas 2015 playlist in a heartbeat. Leave it to Macy Gray to tell it – charmingly – like it is. Original story here.