I will resort to bribery.

Hello, Internet? It’s me, Lisa.

I’ve honestly been having a blast with this return to blogging. This trip proved the perfect excuse to get back in the habit of writing a little bit every day. And as I hope you’ve been able to tell, I’ve been having fun with the recounting of my days, flexing the literary muscles that’ve been dormant far too long.

But I’m starting to get concerned. The comments you’ve left have been lovely to read, and I thank you for them! But surely there must be more of you reading, right? Or have my travel tales gotten so woefully redundant that you checked out long ago? Say it ain’t so!

To satisfy my fragile ego and remind me that you actually are there, reading along as I go, I’m going to do a little shameless giveaway. There are so many markets, bazaars and shops in India that I have acquired jewelry and trinkets I certainly don’t need to keep for myself. I want to share the bounty!

Simple enough – leave a comment just to convince me you’re out there, that all these words are meeting with someone’s eyes, and I’ll pick one of you lovelies at random to receive not just any trinket, but your very own Ganesh, god of beginnings, of removing obstacles, of so much more, I’m sure. If fate doesn’t have our paths crossing anytime soon, I’ll even drop this little idol in the mail so it finds you wherever you might be.


So yes – I’m not above bribing you readers to make yourselves known. After all, if you’re not reading, I’m not sure why I’m writing!

Read the fascinating story about how the god with the elephant head came to be here.

18 responses to “I will resort to bribery.”

  1. This is exactly how I feel every day when I see my comments — all none of them. I’m reading right along with your adventures and am so happy you are writing again!

  2. as if you ever doubted i was glued to my computer waiting for more updates!

  3. Your trip looks amazing! It is I’m sure the trip of a lifetime and its lovely to see someone check something off their bucket list.

    Also – you should keep your Ganesh. Though things look lovely at Sundance, you are still experiencing new and different things every day!

  4. No gifts necessary here. I do enjoy your journal entries and have vicariously traveled along with you. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts, Lisa.

  5. Please, no Ganesh. I just want you to know I checked often and there were many days that reading your post was my only bright spot.

  6. I’ve visited India through your posts and pictures. It’s been a fun journey!!

  7. No gifts necessary but of course I’m reading your posts! I have to travel Thanks, Lisa.

    • Wait. That didn’t all go through. Weird. But it was supposed to say I have to travel vicariously through you these days.

  8. My guess is you have more readers than you realize! I’ve been following along and sending the best thoughts your way. So happy you’ve been able to go on this adventure.

  9. I’ve read every entry, of course. But you know I’m here! Keep Ganesh for yourself. Seems like a very appropriate memento of your journeys.

  10. Silly girl, of course we are reading! 🙂 I am enjoying living vicariously through you while I navigate my own new wonders… of motherhood! Your stories are lovely!

  11. I’ve been following your travels, vicariously experiencing India, and enjoying everything but the encounter with the dog, on Twitter and your blog. Thank you for allowing me to tag along. (No Ganesh swag needed.)

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