Coming Soon: June

Welp, I didn’t do so hot on my movie-going in May. Lots of films I wanted to see, just didn’t make the time to get to most of them.

Hopefully, with just one trip away this month (and it’s a trip home! rejoice!), I’ll do better in June. Though the fresh sunlight and summer breeze is tempting as the evenings get longer this month…gah! Decisions!

If I do make it into a movie theater this month, here’s what I’ll be seeing.

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS (6/6) – I saw, and had the feels. Then wrote words. They are here.

OBVIOUS CHILD (6/6) – Tis the season for Sundance picks to be hitting theaters, and this is one of them. The trailer plays it as a comedy, and I hope the full movie plays the same. Nothing worse than a comedy that’s not really a comedy being sold as a comedy.

THE SACRAMENT (6/6) – There’s no mistaking this is a dramatization of the downfall of Jonestown, the cult that…ahem…drank the kool-aid. I’m surprised it’s not getting more play, as it’s made decent festival rounds before hitting theaters. (Redband) trailer here.

HELLION (6/13) – I’ve been dying to see this movie since before it was made. The feature was developed from a short film I programmed in Indy a few years go, and I’ve stayed in touch with some of the filmmakers on it. Stoked to see it finding such big pre-release buzz. Trailer here.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 (6/13) – Ok, look. The first one was really good. Like, way better than I expected, with a title like that. And my kid brother, sister and I had a great time seeing it together. So yeah, I’m game. Trailer here.

THE ROVER (6/13) – Guy Pearce is one of those actors whose made a name for himself by being great – and sometimes unrecognizable – in all his roles, this one included. The follow up by the director of Animal Kingdom, a multi-layered story is all but guaranteed. Trailer here.

YVES SAINT LAURENT (6/25) – French drama about an iconic fashion designer during some of the most decadent years of recent memory. Yes, please. Trailer here.

THEY CAME TOGETHER (6/27) – Amy Poehler. Paul Rudd. A cast of characters. And physical comedy. Can’t go wrong. Trailer here.

WHITEY: USA V. JAMES J. BULGER (6/27) – On the heels of his recent court case, this doc chronicles the FBI’s second most wanted man and the lengths they’d go to track him down. Love me a good crime doc! Trailer here.

Honorable mentions this month – those on the short list if I can get everything else in – include Venus in Fur and Third Person.