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    Review: Woman at War

    Woman at War

    What can one person do to combat the forces of climate change and globalized industry? Quite a bit, as Benedikt Erlingsson would have us believe in Woman at War, the story of a brazen and bold activist who destroys power lines and takes down factories as a battalion of one against forces far, far greater than her. Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir is Halla (and her twin sister, Ása), a mild-mannered choir director most days. Other days, she’s the perpetrator of industrial sabotage that’s so perfectly executed it would be impressive if it weren’t so destructive. Only a few close friends know her true identity, and as the media and government employ ever more intense measures…

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    Review: Gloria Bell

    As filmmaking challenges go, a movie with the resplendent Julianne Moore at its center, where the camera is as enamored with her as we are, is not exactly a difficult hurdle to clear (see: Still Alice). When that film is a highly-anticipated English adaptation of a widely praised Chilean original, the stakes are understandably a bit higher, particularly when the adaptation is helmed by the same filmmaker who made the original. Such is the case with Gloria Bell, the English-language update to Sebastian Lelio’s original Gloria of 2014, a film that starred Paulina Garcia as a middle-aged woman determined to get her groove back, or at least survive the journey to doing so.…

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    Review: Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel

    Of the twenty-odd Marvel Studios movies out there, I’ve seen maaaaaaybe five or six of them. I’m all-in for the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and like the rest of the world, I loved Black Panther. I watched Avengers: Infinity War in time for this year’s Oscars, and I guess it was fine. It all means that I don’t know much about the universe of superheroes and intergalactic battles; at least, not as much as die-hard fans who can connect every film in a timeline or find every easter egg hidden throughout. And you know, I’m OK with that. My head is already packed with way too much minutia about Hamilton and…