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    Glennon & Reese & Abby & Sophia…and All The Wisdom at TogetherLive

    TogetherLive Chicago

    When I tried telling friends about the event I attended last night, I found it hard to explain. Kind of like a live podcast recording…without the podcast? A live event, but not a performance at all. Storytelling and truth-telling, but not preachy by any means. And depending on who I was talking to, I led with a different name: to the pop-culture fiend, it was Reese Witherspoon;  to the sports fanatic, Abby Wambach; to the fellow warriors, the name Glennon Doyle instantly explains it all. I’m still not entirely sure what to call it, honestly. But whatever name you give it, my night at Hello Sunshine x TogetherLive was wonderful. A partnership event…

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    Wedding by the Lake

    When you grow up in the Midwest, it’s not uncommon to ask friends or even extended family what they’re up to for the weekend and get in response something to do with “heading to the lake house.” Whether it’s Michigan or Wisconsin, having a lake house (or regular access to one) in a neighboring state is Chicago’s version of a place in the Hamptons. Hate to disappoint, but I did not grow up with, nor do I have as an adult, a lake house.  So when I was invited to a late-summer wedding complete with an extra bed at a lake house the bride and groom had rented for the…

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    To Keep a Balanced Mindset (or: Five Years On)

    with all your heart

    This week, Somebody’s Miracle turned five years old. On February 16, 2013, I launched this site with a simple post about my travel plans and the open road ahead of me (literally and figuratively). Without any idea of what my future held, I figured it might be nice to have a place to keep track of it all as it unfolded. (A few nudges from friends interested in keeping up helped, too.)

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    Reclaiming “Spinster”

    In a lot of ways, Leslie Knope is my spirit animal. Ambitious, driven, often stupidly optimistic, I always appreciated her pluck. Back in Parks and Rec’s second season, Leslie throws a pre-Valentine’s Day get-together for all her gal pals. Christened “Galentine’s Day,” it’s since taken hold in real life; these days, it’s not uncommon to see all kinds of girl groups out and about on February 13, cheers-ing to their platonic lady love. Partnered or single, it’s a day to acknowledge women doing it for ourselves, showing up for each other and celebrating our own agency in the world.

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    two nights, two shows

    I decided not to do a recap post about the theater I saw in 2017 because, well…there just wasn’t much to recap. I saw some great shows, don’t get me wrong. Snagging a last-minute ticket to Dear Evan Hanson on Broadway was totally worth it. Catching the touring company of Les Miserables never gets old. Taking my mom and kid sister to the Lyric’s My Fair Lady will always be a favorite Mother’s Day memory.  But overall, I feel like I made a poor showing of it at the theater last year. Six shows in twelve months? What a travesty! (I kid. Mostly.) I’m happy to report that 2018 is already…