Marketing & PR

Introducing: 11th STREET LOT

11th Street Lot is a boutique one-woman agency (that’d be me!) offering a diverse slate of services to help brands, organizations and projects refine their message, reach the best audiences and see tangible results for their efforts.

My nearly fifteen years’ experience in marketing and publicity across a variety of disciplines includes expertise in the worlds of traditional and digital marketing, email and social media, traditional and innovative publicity outreach and more.

Review the various services below and contact me today to talk more about how I can be of service! Explore my [past work] or review my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my vast experience in the digital marketing and publicity space.

Independent filmmaker? My depth of film festival and distribution knowledge is a perfect compliment to help you bring your latest project into the world.

SERVICES – General

  • Brand Audit and Messaging Review
    • Let fresh eyes review everything you’re currently doing and offer actionable recommendations for improvement.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Following an in-depth discovery and audit, receive a clear and achievable strategy for taking your marketing to the next level.
  • Email Marketing / Social Media Management
    • Enlist someone with experience and skill to manage your email marketing and social media strategy, from calendaring to content creation and more.
  • Publicity Outreach / Management
    • Engage an expert to draft and service press releases, pitch media and secure coverage for your upcoming event, product launch and more.

SERVICES – Independent Films

  • Film Festival Submission Strategy
    • Receive a custom-built festival submission calendar, film marketing materials audit and a tutorial in Festival Marketing 101.
  • Film Festival Marketing / Publicity
    • Congrats on getting into the festival! Add me to your team to maximize press, critic, industry and audience exposure.
  • Theatrical / VOD Release Marketing / Publicity
    • From social media campaigns to securing national and regional film reviews, we’ll work together to get butts in seats and eyes on screen.


  • Events Management
    • For screenings, promotional on-sites, panel moderation and more, enlist me to support your next event.
  • Copy Editing / Content Creation
    • Blogging. Tweets. Newsletters. Press releases. Content is everywhere, and I can help you create and perfect it.


Engage 11th Street Lot for a single project, a suite of services or on an on-going basis. Rates vary depending on project demands and duration. As every service is entirely customizable, so are the rates.

Contact me today and let’s discuss how we can work together!