Who’s napping now?

When I moved to Indianapolis a week after graduating college, I never intended to live their for eight years, to work for not one but both of the city’s top film festivals, to be a (small) part of a burgeoning tech start up scene, to meet some of the best friends I’ll likely have well into the future.

One of the serendipitous opportunities I came across in Indy (and there were many) was the chance to secure freelance work as a voice over talent, lending my voice to various advertisements, training videos and promotional spots. The work is fun, to be sure, and played no small part in digging me out of the credit card debt my new-grad self so easily landed me in.

Of all the pieces I’ve done over the years, it’s been most fun to be a voice for Visit Indy, the city’s tourism office. They work hard to shine a light on all the great ways to enjoy an oft-overlooked midwestern mecca, one I hold dear to my heart.

From 2012, an Indy Girls’ Getaway:

And just this month, Reasons to Visit Indy:

While I find my footing in the Big Apple, I’m not sure I can avoid comparing experiences here to the ones I had in Indy. That city instilled in me an appreciation for community that I didn’t really know existed. It’s the kind of community where you put up your voice for a few TV spots and your friend at the agency across town creates that org’s new logo. Where everyone’s connected not just because they have to be, but because they want to be. That kind of community.