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Typos Online

I try pretty actively to avoid making this space one that is full of gripes. We can all get plenty of those elsewhere, after all.

But there is this ONE THING that has been stuck in my craw for ages, and so long as I am a citizen of the planet who uses the internet, I’m afraid it will always be there.

That thing is typos. TYPOS!

Listen, I am not talking about the tweet that goes out with an error or the undoubtedly countess posts on someone’s personal site (this very blog!) with a missed letter or dropped word.

I am talking about the multiple mistypes I see every damn day on sites like CNN, PBS and the New York Times.

I understand that in an age of instant access to content, the pressure is through the roof to post it quickly (and before the next site does). Does this constant state of immediacy make copy editors obsolete? Say it ain’t so!

It so irks me that I’ve taken to snapping screenshots when I’m reading on my phone and catch the offenders red-handed. I’ve included a select few below. It’s like a game! Can you find the typos in each?

We’re human. Mistakes happen. Is it really that big of a deal in the end? No, no it is not. I won’t lose any sleep over it and I hope you don’t, either. I am, however, available for proofreading (and welcome yours of my work, too).

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