Take 3

A few weeks ago, I took a couple hours to revamp this space. I poked around new themes, reworked menus and played with display colors. And I hated all of it. It just never looked right, and it even messed up some of my previous post formats.

But you know, I never got around to fixing it. So instead I barely posted the entire month of August. Just two sad posts all by their lonesome…(OK, the lack of posts might have more to do with the release of the highest-profile, best-performing film I’ve worked on to date that kept me so busy my life was not my own. That’s another post…)

Until now. Somebody’s Miracle has a new look, and one I actually really love. I did my homework, drummed up every scrap of HTML code I know and even learned a few new WordPress tricks. I like the new look so much I even put my face on it!

And now that the film is out in the world and my life is coming back into focus, I’ve got a stack of posts just waiting to be written. An end-of-the-year movie preview post (or four). Recaps on some of those Chicago adventures I’m sending myself on. General reflections of an over-examined life. All the juicy bits you’ve come to expect from my little corner of the web.