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  • Glennon & Reese & Abby & Sophia…and All The Wisdom at TogetherLive

    Glennon & Reese & Abby & Sophia…and All The Wisdom at TogetherLive

    When I tried telling friends about the event I attended last night, I found it hard to explain. Kind of like a live podcast recording…without the podcast? A live event, but not a performance at all. Storytelling and truth-telling, but not preachy by any means. And depending on who I was talking to, I led with…

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  • Coming Soon: December

    The last month of the year sees a lot of movies hitting the big screen in order to qualify for Awards recognition after the new year. Some of them are already winning awards, too. Which is good news, indeed. December 5 Wild – The “memoirs that get adapted to the big screen” genre is alive…

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  • Read This: The Leftovers

    You probably don’t realize it, but you know Tom Perrotta’s work. He’s not achieved a Stephen King-like status, but its not for lack of trying. His approachable, nuanced and poignant novels have been adapted into witty, smart films starring the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Kate Winslet. The Leftovers, his novel from 2011, is next…

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