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  • Listen To This: Christmas 2015

    I got a late start listening to holiday tunes this year, what with Hamilton taking up all my available ear-space for the last month or so. I set the show tunes aside long enough to dive into all the Christmas music I could handle, once again turning to Spotify for the most accessible selection. Every…

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  • Listen to This: Christmas 2014

    I know very little about music. While friends share playlists of the latest indie acts, my knowledge can be summed up in three categories: show tunes, John Mayer and Christmas music. It’s easy to give me a hard time about any one of those, I understand. Who’s still a John Mayer fan? You willingly listen…

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  • Listen to This: Christmas 2013

    To a select few in the know, one of my favorite holiday traditions is building a new Christmas music playlist each year. I’m always listening to holiday music (and I do mean always. Like, in June.), so it only seems natural that I’d have an idea or two of new and different songs worth throwing…

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