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    Pretend VIP

    I’ve already recounted how I got the ticket to tonight’s John Mayer show, so let’s just jump right to it, shall we? I snuck away for a “late lunch” at about 3:45 to pick up my ticket…which was at the CBS office building a block from my apartment. But back to Chelsea and my office I went to count down the two hours till I could leave and get in line for the show! Figuring I’d already be late, I zipped up Broadway and asked the first person in a CBS shirt which line to be in. She asked if I had a general admission ticket, I said yes, and…

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    Yes, another post about John Mayer. Get over it.

    I noticed recently I’ve lost a few followers on Twitter. Thankfully, my cousin Jon hasn’t defected yet. But I’m sure those who have did so because of my incessant posts about John Mayer. That’s the fun of the internet, kids. We can post whatever we want. Drunk cooking. Cat hairball necklaces (which is a real thing I saw on Regretsy once). John Mayer is on the awesome-spectrum somewhere in between those two. In other words, it could be worse.