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    2016 [On Stage]

    When you’re in the thick of a thing, it’s sometimes impossible to know how it’ll all turn out when it ends. Throughout the year, I didn’t really feel like I was getting to many shows, but as I look back at the list for 2016, I’m surprised it’s as healthy as it is. There it is in writing: ten shows, from local Chicago productions to Broadway blockbusters. What it lacks in quantity it certainly makes up for in quality.

  • City Stories

    Chicago List: Theater

    I loved a lot of things about living New York. OK, I loved basically everything about living in New York. What I loved most (besides the bagels…good grief, I miss bagels…) was being steeped in the most impressive theater scene in the country. It happened more than once that I spent the last of my paycheck on a ticket to a show, usually on a whim via one of the many ticket sources I mastered in order to afford shows on a budget. The idea that I could leave work and that evening take in a Broadway production…unreal. With two years of that kind of access to top-of-the-line theater as the norm,…