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  • 2019 [in films]

    2019 [in films]

    For the last three years, I’ve managed to watch more films than I did the year before. In 2017, I saw 181 films. In 2018, it was 182. In 2019, I watched 184 films in all, not counting rewatches and works in progress. I know this because I’m a big old nerd and I keep…

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  • 2016 [in Film]

    As with last year, I don’t really see the point in building any suspense when it comes to sharing my favorite films. It’s not like you’ve been holding your breath, wondering what I’m going to say. (And if you have, thanks for being such a big fan. And sorry for the lack of ceremony here…)…

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  • 2015 [in films]

    When you’ve seen 160 films in the span of 365 days, you’d think it’d be easy to pick your favorites. You’ve seen enough that the cream should theoretically rise to the top, leaving all the mediocre movies to fade into memory. I suppose when I get down to it, that’s true. I can tell you…

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  • 2015 [in films – documentary]

    Of the 160 movies I watched in 2015, 44 of them were documentaries. That means that roughly one third (28%) of the hours of film I absorbed were factual accounts of the world around us. From finally watching 1990’s groundbreaking Paris is Burning to cramming in as many of the Oscar Documentary shortlist films, I managed to…

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