October 16: a day of note

This week – and today especially – has come roaring back after a less-than-memorable few days on my own this weekend to remind me that, you know what? Life is pretty awesome these days. So just relax and recognize it, Lisa. Relax. Breathe it in. Receive it. And recognize that you are where you should be; doing what you should be; and becoming who you should be.

One day – like this – at a time:

Stepping out of my comfort zone and into a yoga studio in Chelsea for the first in a five-week beginner’s class. Between the chanting on the first floor (a blessings ceremony, we were told), the incense and the Ganesha idol in the corner, for a brief moment with my eyes closed it felt like I was back in India. What a trip. (OK, this was Monday but I’m still glowing so we’ll count it.)

Last night I bought Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book. I haven’t read a page yet, and my EG fandom only grows. It’s a signed copy I picked up, and tonight on FB she confirmed it’s actually her signature. Pinch me.

Woke up to a friendly email in my inbox that quite literally lifted me out of bed with a smile to a welcome cup of fresh coffee (God bless auto-drip with timers). Loving it.

It’s my dear grandpa’s birthday today, and when I called him on my way out of work to wish him well, he sounded genuinely tickled to have heard from me. Feeling’s mutual, sir.

Knocked out a fairly major project at work and am getting great feedback as it goes. Been four months on the job and, though not without its hiccups, it feels great to be making an impact. Happy to help.

Connected with a filmmaker friend who’s struggling with where to go next to make his film successful. May jump in to do some festival consulting and audience building. Don’t mind if I do.

That’s an OK Wednesday.