Listen To This: Christmas 2016

I started listening to holiday music in early October. That’s mainly because I want to be able to do what I’m doing here today: share with you a new playlist of songs to enjoy during the season. If I didn’t start listening until it was socially appropriate, you wouldn’t get your playlist until Christmas Eve, and what good is that?

I also plug in to these festive tracks so early because I just really enjoy them. And in advance of a very stressful few weeks earlier this year, I found myself breathing a little easier whenever holiday music was what was streaming through my earbuds. (Until now, it was my little secret.)


This year’s mix is ranges from a new classic by Britney Spears to lesser known artists like David Bazan. New tracks from She & Him (now on holiday album #2), Leslie Odom, Jr. (he of Hamilton fame) and Regina Spektor make an appearance, too. I couldn’t wrap the track list without honoring Sharon Jones, and when I was looking for further inspiration, I got some leads from Spotify’s existing playlists and a handy little article I found online.

As with every year, it’s my hope that you enjoy this hour of music while you trim the tree or bake holiday treats. That it keeps you merry during your commute, keeps you company with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate. I hope you’ll give it a listen straight through once or twice – I do make an effort to arrange the tracks in a way that flows well. After that, shuffle away!

However you enjoy it, may it be part of a festive, restful, fulfilling holiday season.