In my ears

I have often said that because so much of my brain is taken up with movies, I am not a music person. I mean, I am totally a music person. I love music. But where most of my friends are discovering a new album, a new band practically every week, all the new tunes are lost on me until someone puts a CD in my hand, sends a link my way.

So when I come across a new song or artist all on my own that I’m jazzed about, it not only sticks with me but I’m pretty much as proud as the kid who made his mom a macaroni picture frame. Look, I did it all by myself!


I am so impressed by Janelle Monae – she is entirely herself, and I think that’s amazing. The whole song is a girl power anthem, but the last 45 seconds? Kills it.

I have no idea how this song’s been around so long to have 31M views and it’s just now hitting US airwaves, but I’m all about it. It came on my Songza station while I was walking around Brooklyn last week and I found myself walking in time with the beat, the world outside my headphones oblivious to the magic in my ears.

I don’t want to love this song as much as I do, but damn if it isn’t great to sing along to. And I have no idea what’s going on with that bear’s eyes.