10 Movies in 20 Minutes

As we watch the opening weekends of so many summer blockbusters zip by like lightpoles outside your car window on the highway, I’m keenly keeping an eye on the films slated for the second half of the year, a time typically known for its weightier titles.

Several trailers have popped up recently that have me looking forward to late summer releases and beyond.

The only thing that could make the latest Scorsese/DiCaprio effort better is a Ray Liotta cameo:

Woody Allen keeps up his annual output with BLUE JASMINE (7/26), pairing Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins as sisters with very different lives:

I can still remember where I was when I heard the news that Princess Diana had died. The teaser for the first biopic, with Naomi Watts in the title role, gives me chills:

This next one had me in giggles from the get-go:

Joe Swanberg’s got a shot at becoming a household name if DRINKING BUDDIES does as well as it looks like it should. Also: Jake Johnson.

I have a feeling Kristen Wiig’s latest, GIRL MOST LIKELY, has more heart than they let on in the trailer:

Been seeing mixed reviews for the latest Gosling/Refn collab ONLY GOD FORGIVES, but I’m game to give it a look (red band trailer below, FYI):


I think I’m going to re-read ENDER’S GAME before the film hits in November. I am a huge Asa Butterfield fan (he’s gonna be big, mark my words), and captivated by this trailer:

And just for fun, I’m throwing in the trailer for a film I caught at Sundance and hope is a major hit when it’s released in August, THE SPECTACULAR NOW. Charming, honest performances, gut-wrenching emotional depth, and hopeful young love. Pretty much perfect:

What films are you most anticipating in the second half of the year?