Coming Soon: Fall Movies

Welp, I failed miserably at keeping up on my Summer Movie list. I think I posted June and then completely abandoned the project, choosing instead to watch the films (and explore the city, and write, and work, and generally live my life). And it’s been a good summer for films, too.

I’ve seen crowd pleasers like Guardians of the Galaxy and indie darlings like Obvious Child, and plenty in between. I’ve seen a bunch of screeners for work, and caught up on series like True Blood and Boardwalk Empire (and welcomed Doctor Who back with open arms, of course).

And now, as this beautiful summer winds down this Labor Day weekend, I was faced with a dilemma: do I give it another go and make an effort to post on what I’ll be seeing in the fall/winter? It is, as is well documented, my favorite movie season of the year: awards bait galore means films I’ll talk about with anyone who’ll listen.

So this week, I dug in and did my research on what’s coming out in the last four months of the year. Typically the time of the year’s biggest, boldest productions (think GravityLincoln), the more I looked into what was coming down the pike, the less enthused I became. Save a few gems that look to be fairly decent, there’s really nothing groundbreaking in the mix. I suppose the silver lining is that it takes the pressure off an awards race that usually gets so heated it nearly combusts every year. Perhaps this year some of the underdogs might actually have a chance at some glory.

Overall, I found about 40 films on my watch list; that’s by no means comprehensive. Simply google “fall movie preview” and you’ll be find lists of 40, 60, 90 films to see this season. But these are the ones I’m keeping an eye on, the ones I’ll read up on as fall festival reviews come in and new trailers post. If you’re checking out films this fall, you could do worse than to check out what I’m checking out. At least that way, I’ll have someone to talk to about them all!